Like most brewing, the ingredients and processes that go into making Basic Booch are simple and natural. It takes four ingredients, some big fermenting tanks, and a bit of work. What comes out is a booze free brew that is more drinkable and sociable than any kombucha you’ve had before, but with a tangy bite that makes it the perfect alternative to alcohol.

The base of the booch is tea, sugar and water, which we boil like a massive cuppa. Then we add the kombucha culture and let it ferment. Fermentation eats up most of the sugar, which means that the finished article isn’t too sweet, but also means that it is naturally only 66 calories per can. Fermentation also reduces the caffeine per can to the equivalent of one third of a cup of tea. Unlike beer or cider, the fermentation process when making kombucha produces a non-alcoholic drink (Basic Booch is 0.05% ABV, far less than orange juice). But you still get mouth-watering flavours that fit the bill with friends, with food and with a grin on your face.

Of course, as an independent and sustainability-minded company, we make our booch well. We use certified organic sugar and tea, and our tea suppliers have strong relationships and traceability with their growers, who are mostly small family-owned businesses. We choose to put our booch in aluminium cans that are infinitely recyclable, so please recycle yours. In all of our merch and packaging we aim for total recyclability, sustainable materials where possible, and ethical sourcing.

Basic Booch is proudly pasteurised. Why? Because ‘raw’ kombucha is great as a gut medicine, but you don’t want to be having your gut medicine with your mates. That’s not very sociable, is it? Pasteurising Basic Booch means no bacteria is going to get in the way of having a great night. Basic Booch still has a lot of good stuff in there, like beneficial acids and antioxidants, but it’s not full of living culture. Instead, you do the living.

This all adds up to a truly enjoyable, sessionable booze free brew.


Hi, Ben here.

I started brewing Basic Booch because I love the sociability of having a pint. A pint gets me together with friends at home or at the pub. I slosh it around at gigs and I cradle it in the tense moments of watching sport. But it’s always beer, and I don’t always want beer. And I know plenty of people who never want beer. But not wanting to have a beer shouldn’t mean missing out on some of the best bits of life.

I started brewing because I want Basic Booch to give people an option. A real option that means that, when everyone else is reaching for a beer, you feel confident that you can grab a pint too. That’s why I think it’s a brew for all of us: it hopes to play a small part in bringing us all a bit closer together.